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A wino's guide to perfect speakers

Carlo Rossi makes them out of old jugs but doesn't recommend that you do the same.

Carlo Rossi Vineyards

Finally, there's a use for all the empty wine jugs that have been piling up in the basement.

The Sangria Surround Sound System from Carlo Rossi features jugs that once contained the Iberian nectar, according to Gearfuse, but presumably the speakers could be made from our brands as well. The 4.5-liter jugs are elevated by stands of neon tubes and rings that are sure to add the touch of class required for your next formal affair.

But don't go draining that Thunderbird yet. The specs sheet (PDF) bears this disclaimer: "Warning: Let's just say these speakers are more 'art' than 'fidelity.' ... These speakers are definitely not to code. So do not try this at home." Oh well. We would never have been able to peel off all those labels anyway, especially with compromised motor skills.