A winning concept car for L.A. living: The Pad

Tech Culture

What's the ultimate driving machine for Southern Californians squeezed by real-estate prices? An urban loft on wheels, of course.

Novel concepts

The so-called GMC Pad is a concept car from the automaker that took first prize in the L.A. Auto Show's design competition Thursday. In keeping the with the contest's theme of "an L.A. adventure," the Pad is a roving, hipster bus that offers the city dweller cultural and geographic freedom, according to its designers.

The concept car features an electric hybrid system for propulsion while driving, but which also serves as a power generator when just hanging out. Inside the car, entertainment is key, with a networked environment of audio sound and video screens.

GMC's design said when accepting the award, "the biggest problem in L.A. is low-cost housing. So we envisioned the Pad to solve that problem and be like something you'd see in the (magazine) Dwell."

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