HolidayBuyer's Guide

A wine inventory management that's as classy as your collection

eSommelier's wine inventory management system comes with an integrated bar code printer that lets you keep tabs on every bottle in your collection.

Even if you know that you have a fantastic wine collection down in the cellar, what good does it do you if no one else can tell how classy you are? That's where eSommelier comes in. The elegant color touch screen lets you organize and maintain your wine inventory directly from the kitchen. Wait for your guests to notice and comment, and then casually make your way over and show off your style to your friends.

Navigate your way through the simple touch screens to manage your inventory.Photo by eSommelier

Simply plug in the unit and you're up and running. Add a new wine by selecting the country, region, variety, winery, and vintage from a prompted list. (You can pull up a virtual keypad, or just touch the proper selections for speedier inputs.) Then use the included bar code printer to create a bar coded label for each individual bottle--complete with a unique address and identity, so you can instantly track every bottle in your collection.

Of course, the labels use a special adhesive that won't leave behind any residue when you remove them from your bottles.

Serving a special wine with dinner? Just wave the bottle under the bar code scanner to delete it from your collection. Thought your guests were thirstier than they turned out to be? Rescan the bottle and replace it in the cellar for next time.

You can set up the system to be accessible from any Internet-connected computer and print custom reports from anywhere in the world. So when you're at the estate in Provence, you'll know what's waiting for you at the villa in Madrid.

The eSommelier system retails for $8,000. But can you really put a price on protecting your favorite wines? Cheers!