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A watch phone that actually looks decent

But it's available only in Asia, of course.


With the exception of the iPod lookalike from SMS Technology, most of the Dick Tracy watches and other wrist-mounted combo devices have left something to be desired in where appearances were concerned. That's clearly not a good thing, given that watches are marketed as fashion accessories or fine jewelry.

The "CECT W100 Wrist Watch" is a notable exception, despite its decidedly uninspired name. The Bluetooth watch phone, from China's Qiao Xing Mobile Communication, features an LCD touch screen, 1GB of memory, an FM radio and a 1.3-megapixel camera, according to SlipperyBrick. (Don't ask us why the watch pictured here says 2.0 megapixels.)

It's apparently destined only for the Asian market in September, with no information about availability in the United States or elsewhere. We think it would be a coup for a Western carrier to license it, but that would probably make too much sense for a U.S. phone company.