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A Verizon Razr?

A Verizon Razr?

CNET readers always are asking me when the Motorola Razr V3 will come to Verizon Wireless (strangely, no one has asked if Sprint will get it). It's a great question, especially since the slim Razr has proved to be immensely popular this year. Although Cingular was the first to offer the phone (it now has a black version as well) and T-Mobile followed this summer, CDMA customers have been left on the sidelines. Unfortunately, Motorola won't comment on rumors that a Verizon Razr is imminent, but the company claims we should see such a phone by the first quarter of next year. It could happen earlier, but no one is saying exactly when we'll see it. But since it's Verizon, I wouldn't put it past the company to limit Bluetooth functionality.