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A TV that's too big for your apartment

A Japanese plasma manufacturer says it will release a 142-inch plasma panel next year.

The crown for manufacturers that produce the "world's largest TV" seems more like a relay baton the way it's constantly being handed off to someone new.

Recently, JVC showed off a 110-inch LCD set at IFA in Berlin. Next up: Shinoda Plasma. The Japanese company says it will begin producing 142-inch panels based on plasma display technology, called "plasma tube array," by the end of 2008. That's roughly 12 feet measured diagonally. It will be up to TV manufacturers to put the displays into their own sets. No customers have been announced yet.

At a press conference in Kobe, Japan, on Friday, company president Tsutae Shinoda said the new high-definition display would have a display resolution of 720p and boast a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

As you might expect, the giant display will come with an outsize price tag too: likely in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.