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A tube amp that could serve sushi

About the only thing we recognize is its cherrywood casing--and its $7,300 price tag.

Audio Junkies

First off, we must disclose that there's no relation between Shigeki Yamamoto, the designer of the tube amplifier pictured with this item, and any particular Cravers we know. How can we be so sure? Because neither we nor any of our relatives would be smart enough to charge up to $7,300 for a piece of audio equipment that looks like a high school electronics project. We've seen our share of tube amplifiers, but the "high-end flea watt tube amp" boasts a ton of specs that we would never dare attempt to decipher, such as "a combination of two 300B tubes, two German Telephony C3m drivers and a single Emission Labs 5U4G rectifier to produce a full eight watts into each of its two channels," according to Audio Junkies. We do like the cherrywood casing, however, even though it does look more appropriate to serve sushi.