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A toy chainsaw for ambitious young psycho killers

Does your kid want one of these? I'd worry if I were you.

'I have to return some videotapes.' eToys

I guess there are some kids who, given a toy chainsaw playset, would innocuously use it to pretend they were trimming the hedges or sawing dead branches off trees. And yes, this toy might be branded with the name of fictional kiddie do-gooder Bob the Builder, but come on. Let's be honest.

Call me cynical, but I'm guessing that the average 5-year-old who wants a toy chainsaw probably just wants to chase his friends around with it while laughing maniacally. (We've warned you about it here before. Kids are evil.) And we all know what that leads too. But I suppose there's a silver lining. If the example of Patrick Bateman can be believed, perhaps a kid who plays with toy chainsaws will grow up to be a successful investment banker.

(Swiss Miss via Cribcandy)