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A tool with a view

With ATMView, the UB Networks subsidiary will offer administrators a view of network traffic as well as fault-and-performance monitoring.

UB Networks, a subsidiary of Tandem Computers (TDM), is set to announce a new management application for asynchronous transfer mode networks.

ATMView, another application in the company's NetDirector family, lets an administrator view the topology of high-performance ATM networks. The application also includes network traffic and fault-and-performance monitoring features that aid administrators in diagnosing problems over an ATM network. ATMView works on top of Hewlett-Packard's OpenView.

ATMView also includes emulated local area network features that let the application incorporate a legacy Token Ring and Ethernet subnets easily in a network topology. Company officials said the application is intended to give a network administrator a detailed view of an ATM network while hiding the complexity of high-speed ATM technology.

ATMView will be extended in the first half of next year to include a Web-based interface as part of a comprehensive effort by the company to include Java support in all NetDirector offerings.

ATMView is priced at $3,995 and will be available in next month for Sun Microsystems Solaris and HP's Unix operating systems. Support for Microsoft's Windows NT platform will follow soon after.