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A tool for sharp art

USB pencil sharpener offers quick sharpening and LED lights

A Manhattan artist friend recently asked me if I knew of any "cool portable electric pencil sharpener gadgets." Someone actually has use for an electric pencil sharpener? Isn't that like using an electric can opener, when the hand crank is faster?

USB Geek

Actually, no. While in the zone, artists don't want to have to stop to sharpen pencils, I was informed. That would make them lose their groove. They just want a quick dunk to sharpen up so that they can go right on back to sketching.

This one may work for you, my friend. The iSharpener, available at USBGeek for $17, $6.99 at and about $12 from others online, will plug into your laptop via USB or run on four AA batteries.

No software is needed; the USB is used only to power the sharpener and its LED lights that blink during use. At only about 3 inches square, you can easily throw this into your mailbag when you head over to Central Park's Bethesda Terrace.