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A tool for forced labor on the desktop

USB speedometer measures how fast you're typing.


If you find yourself seriously considering one of these items, it's time to leave your desk and get out in the real world. Now.

This USB speedometer may look like a retro dashboard instrument, but instead of gauging miles per hour it's designed to measure "wpm"--words per minute. That's right, it's a device that tracks how fast you're typing. It does require some software but, other than that, it's just plug and play, or type. Technabob says it tops out at 260 wpm, which is 48 words faster than the world's record held by Barbara Blackburn of Salem, Oregon, who is said to have failed her high school typing class.

And in case your taskmaster boss procures these speedometers as part of a forced labor program, don't think you can get away with just running your fingers across the keyboard to rack up numbers. It tallies how many actual words you've typed, not just random letters.