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A ton of Disney's Halloween costumes for humans and pets are 30% off today

Dress your whole family for less.

Walt Disney Pictures

Spooky season has arrived, and there's a good chance that the costume you had for your little one last year likely isn't going to work out. Instead of wandering from shop to shop and trying things on, you should check out ShopDisney today. A significant number of the costumes there are 30% off today, both for humans and pets. Whether you want a Pascal suit for a little dog or an Ewok costume for a new baby, you'll find it cheaper here today than most anywhere else. 

Disney has grown its costume collection considerably this year, not just in which shows and movies they represent but also who can fit in them. With costumes for babies, adults of every body type and loads of pets, and a new adaptive line of costumes that include wheelchair covers, you'll find quite a bit on sale today. This sale includes classics like Toy Story, all-new Mandalorian merch, and tons from the Marvel universe as well. And if you head to the website you can filter by movie or show as well as body type to find exactly what you're looking for.