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A tiny dishwasher for a tiny kitchen

Half-size dishwasher could be just the thing for bringing cramped urban kitchens into the modern era.

While most people in the tech sector are watching what's going on at CES in Las Vegas, some of us still have our eyes on what's going on in the kitchen.

Smeg dishwasher
This Smeg dishwasher comes with just one interior basket and measures 24 inches tall. AJ Madison

Apartment Therapy's Kitchn blog today points to a half-size dishwasher that could start popping up in apartments around the country. The Smeg dishwasher comes in three sizes, the most interesting of which tops out at just less than 24 inches tall. On the outside, it's a standard, stainless steel appliance. Inside, it's basically like the bottom basket of a regular dishwasher.

This design works well for a space-challenged city kitchen for two reasons, the obvious one being that it takes up less space under the counter, potentially freeing up room for a drawer or cupboard. But also, one or two people living in a small studio or one-bedroom apartment tend not to go through dishes quite as fast as a larger household (or they may not even own enough dishes to fill a full-size washer). In that case, the ability to do smaller loads more often would certainly come in handy.

Having just gone through the apartment shopping process, I was hoping beyond all hope to find a place that had a dishwasher. No such luck. So as I get used to the idea of handwashing my dishes for another undetermined number of years, this dishwasher seems like a fantastic idea. It almost makes the $1,599 price tag worth considering. Almost.