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A terrific Twitter tutorial -- and saying thanks in social media

Digital expert Steve Buttry shared a deck of his recent presentation about how journalists can use Twitter in better ways. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to use the service better.

A slide full of tips from @SteveButtry, whose deck has more Twitter tips. Aimed at journalists, but anyone can benefit.

There are lots of Twitter presentations on the web, but the one below is one of the best I've ever seen. It's by Steve Buttry (@stevebuttry), who has the cool title of digital transformation editor at Digital First Media (I last wrote about him in my blog when he shared very useful Facebook tips: "Figuring out what kind of content works on Facebook").

Here's how I shared his slides the first time, during my Social Media Weekend/#smwknd conference yesterday.

I meant every word I said -- anyone interested in Twitter should go through those slides.

Buttry, who obviously knows the right way to say thank you on Twitter, responded with these tweets:

It was kind of him to say, but his deck is doing fine on its own because of the great content on its slides.

Here's the part of Slideshare he was referring to:

Do you have Twitter tips? Share them below, please.