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A tank to fulfill your 'Mad Max' fantasies

Listed on Amazon for $20,000


Thanks to a certain unnamed colleague, Crave often has an inordinate number of posts involving inflatable watercraft. So we feel that apologies are in order for our landlocked readers, especially those in the desert. To show that we're equal-opportunity gadget freaks, today we offer a recreational item that won't be found floating in any backyard pool: a tank. And it's apparently available on Amazon, of all places.

The "JL421 Badonkadonk"--or just "the Donk" to its friends--is an armored land cruiser that can carry up a crew of five (internally or externallly) and reach speeds of 40 miles per hour at a list price of $20,000, according to CrunchGear. A "rust patina" steel shell makes it look like something straight out of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, but don't be fooled: "The interior is fully carpeted and cozy with accent lighting," according to Amazon's description, and "a 400-watt premium sound system."

No weapons are included, mind you, as the 1,300-pound Donk is not street-legal and intended only for recreational use. We suggest waiting for the next free-shipping special offer.