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A tale of two 22s: Dell P2210, NEC MultiSync EA221MW

Now these two monitors each have full reviews on the site. Read them now and remember, monitors are people too. Electronic people.

The P2210 is a low-priced 22-incher with features up the DVI port. Corinne Schulze/CNET

No, I don't mean 22-inch rims. I mean monitors, silly. Why the heck would I be talking about 22-inch rims on Crave? Hmmm, I guess I could be a spy from Car Tech, in which case talking about 22-inch rims wouldn't seem so out of place.

Alas, no. As much as I'd like to be an Antuan Goodwin, a Wayne Cunningham, or especially a Cooley, I'll have to settle for boring little old me. Talking endlessly about aspect ratios, color temperature, and bezel widths.

Monitors are really just smaller TVs. Interest in TVs has never been higher and yet, I have to point out on a constant basis where to find monitor reviews (right here ----> Monitor review POWA!!)

Enough about my life and on to the things that fill my life. This week I took a long, hard look at two 16:10, 22-inch monitors, and I've decided that one is actually better than the other. Earlier, I featured both the Dell P2210 and NEC MultiSync EA221WM in slideshows.

Now they each have full reviews on the site. The NEC MultiSync EA221MW and the Dell P2210. Read them now, and remember, monitors are people too. Electronic people.