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A sunken Nokia Lumia still works?

A Swedish man posts an image to Facebook of a Lumia 800 that, he says, was lost in a lake for almost four months before being brought back to life.

For real? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

This might be a tall story, or even one from the depths. But Roger Nilsson swears it's true.

He is the Swedish man who posted an image of a slightly wrecked Nokia Lumia 800 to the Nokia Sweden Facebook page.

He attached a story to it. As a Windows Phone Reddit posting offered, Nilsson said that the phone had been lost in a lake almost four months prior.

He found it huddling between two rocks at low tide. So, like any humane rescuer, he took it home and looked after it. He cleaned off the algae and the other filth. He dried it on a radiator.

And, just like in the movies, it came back to life. Indeed, he claimed that every element, including the camera, worked perfectly. The battery life, he said, was still two days.

Though I have great admiration for Nokia's phones, I hadn't been aware that they are waterproof. So a little skepticism is natural.

Perhaps someone would like to dunk their Lumia 800 into water for the next 16 weeks and let us know the results.