A successor to Kozmo at last

Tech Culture

Only minutes after we posted an item bemoaning the did an eagle-eyed reader point out the existence of a fledgling successor to the defunct convenience service.

MaxDelivery.com provides a type of one-hour delivery service similar to that of Kozmo, though at present only for New York City, where it claims to be on time 99.5 out of 100 deliveries. The geographic limitation is probably a wise move, at least in these initial stages, given the that helped take down other dot-com services.

MaxDelivery should be well aware of those pitfalls: A company spokesman tell us that it was started by the former chief technology officer for Kozmo. "Chris Siragusa and I were both early Kozmo.com employees, and I think one of the main reasons MaxDelivery was started was the incredible feedback we got from family, friends and random people about how much they enjoyed having a Kozmo around," said Stephen Carl, MaxDelivery's marketing director.

To that, we give a resounding amen. We just wish MaxDelivery was operating on the West Coast.

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