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A Star Wars video game unlike any other

Combine a concept "Star Wars" game with a 20-foot-wide multitouch LCD screen and you get nerd nirvana.

Now you'll have a real reason to say, "It's a trap!" Arthur Nishimoto

Video games tend to be more enjoyable on a large screen, but what happens when you harness the power of a 20-foot-wide multitouch display that runs at 8,160x2,304 resolution? Some incredible pew pew.

Fleet Commander, designed by computer science grad student Arthur Nishimoto and developed at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory at the University of Illinois in Chicago, is perhaps the most tantalizing "Star Wars" concept game ever made.

Under development for several years, it currently harnesses the power of a giant multitouch LCD wall to "explore how a real-time interactive strategy game that would typically rely on complex keyboard commands and mouse interactions [could] be transferred into a multi-user, multitouch environment," according to EVL. Fingers are tracked via TacTile software.

The game is reminiscent of the 2006 title Star Wars: Empire at War, allowing players to control cruisers, destroyers, corvettes, fighters, bombers, and even a Death Star in attempt to destroy the other side. Sound effects from the movies immerse those behind the wheel of some of the most infamous vehicles in the classic sci-fi movie trilogies, just like Admiral Ackbar or Admiral Piett.

Droolworthy radial menus pop up upon tapping each capital ship and reveal options to deploy support fighters that drown the enemy in laser fire. It's pretty wild to see hundreds of smaller ships emerge from the larger ships, but unfortunately things seemed to lag slightly as the battle intensifies.

Nonetheless, the Force is strong with this one.

(Via Kotaku)