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A spy bot that's begging to be caught

Discretion apparently isn't one of its strong suits.


We won't venture to guess why spy bots are so popular on the consumer market, but there's just one question that continues to nag us: Is anybody really fooled by their appearance? It's one thing if they're pawned off as some sort of RC robot or toy, but the design of this latest entry pretty much broadcasts its intent.

The "Spy Snooper Robot Vehicle" from iiRobotics has what looks like a mini-satellite dish and antenna mounted atop a six-wheeled tank, ready to capture every word from the subject under surveillance. It does have a working range of 150 feet from its target, according to Geek Alerts, but the porcelain-white finish doesn't exactly lend itself to camouflage. Apparently $80 doesn't buy NSA-quality equipment (we're relieved to say).

Then again, it's probably just as well. The last thing we need is an affordable piece of espionage gear that even our kids can use, presumably on us.