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A spoonful of ginger

You can stir up a tasty treat by adding a Gingerspoon to your hot tea.

The Gingerspoon Matilda Sunden Ringer

There's just something so perfect about a cup of hot tea and a few gingersnaps on a cold night. I dip the cookies in my tea--I can skip adding sugar, and I get a little bit of the ginger mixed into my tea as well, making for a truly tasty treat. Product designer Matilda Sunden Ringner has taken that delicious taste a step further: she created the Gingerspoon, a spoon shaped from gingerbread dough and meant for a quick dip in your tea, coffee, or other hot drink in need of a good dunking.

The Gingerspoon actually works a little bit better than my old-fashioned gingersnaps. You really can spoon up liquid with it--although you have to be sure to eat the bowl of the spoon pretty quickly. Once it gets soggy, you can wind up with cookie floating in your tea in a flash, leaving you with just the handle of the Gingerspoon. In theory, I suppose you could make your own Gingerspoons, but I can't imagine how much work it might take to shape the spoon's bowl. The Gingerspoon hasn't gone on sale yet, but I think it's worth waiting for instead of trying to make your own.