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A special Google Reader for your Wii

Regular old Google Reader on the Wii is boring, but not the new and improved version made just for your Opera browser.

Nintendo Wii owners who have been enjoying their updated Web browser can now enjoy a special version of Google Reader designed exclusively for their Wii remotes and TV screens. Google has made the text a little bigger and changed the interface from a two-pane look to a simple feeds list.

One big change regular Google Reader users are bound to notice is the updated control scheme. To jump between feeds just hit the "1" button, which pulls up a slick looking pop-up with a listing of all your feeds. It's almost an easier system than the one Google currently uses. Also changed are keyboard shortcuts. Google Reader users on the PC are used to 24 shortcuts; Google has simplified things down to 8 to compliment the somewhat limited Wii remote.

To give the Wii version a spin on your computer's Web browser, click here.

[via ZDnet]

To pull up a listing of your feeds, just click the 1 button on your Wiimote. CNET Networks