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A soccer brawl, narrated by Sir David Attenborough

Natural scientist and documentarian Sir David Attenborough is famous for his studies of animal behavior. What would he make of vicious, brawling humans?

CC BY-SA 3.0, Mikedixson

No one has done as much to bring the natural world to mainstream human understanding as Sir David Attenborough. The 87-year-old presenter has been creating his documentaries since 1954, and has traveled the world to capture footage of never-before-seen plant and animal behavior.

There's also just something comforting about him -- his infectious enthusiasm and non-judgmental eye, coupled with a voice like a warm duvet. As soon as you hear him speak, you know you're going to be learning something, and that it's going to be fun and interesting.

But he hasn't done much on human behavior, possibly because he thinks we're not as interesting. Earlier this year, he declared humanity a plague on the Earth. But what if he did?

Soccer hooliganism is a well-known phenomenon in Europe. Spirits run high, beers get consumed, riots happen. To be honest, we're quite baffled by it, but throw some Sir Attenborough into the mix, and suddenly it all makes a lot more sense. YouTube user DaleTheHorse has cleverly cut together Sir Attenborough narration clips with a brawl that took place between Swedish and Danish fans for a fresh new take on what it's all about.

Check it out below -- and find the original, narration-free clip here.

(Source: Crave Australia via WebProNews)