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A snappy update for Yahoo Photos

A snappy update for Yahoo Photos

Yahoo Photos, king of a tall heap of online photo-storage, -sharing, and print-ordering services, is undergoing a makeover today. You can use Yahoo Photos to drag, drop, and edit pictures online as well as to share images with friends and foes (who can add ratings and comments). Yahoo has also added integration with its other services, including Mail, Messenger, Mobile, and 360 blogging.

When we looked at the beta edition of Yahoo Photos in June, it offered more ease of use and storage than Google's Picasa Web Albums beta. Yahoo Photos' support for tagging reflects a focus on dynamic Web 2.0 capabilities and perhaps also the influence of Flickr, which is owned by Yahoo. And the new Yahoo Photos is built to detect tags within new pictures and add them automatically to your matching topical albums. Still, we wish Web-based photo services offered synchronization between online and desktop albums.