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A smart collar for noisy dogs

New version is weatherproof

Good Life

We've gotten some interesting response to an anti-barking system cited recently (especially from cat owners), and apparently a few people are skeptical about the reliability of sound waves alone in keeping noisy mutts under control. So for those who still favor the traditional collar method, there's a new "Ultimate Dog Silencer" on the market. Among the improved features is a DuraProof coating that's "ideal for tough weather and active dogs." (You'd think they would have done this for the original version too, given that these are electronic devices.)

The collar operates like its predecessors, emitting annoying ultrasonic frequencies that are audible only to canine ears whenever the pet in question starts to bark, Uber-Review says. This is all well and good, but is anyone else disturbed by a device that calls itself an "ultimate silencer"?