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A smart ad buy

Apple ad on InfoWorld.

Someone in Apple marketing deserves a gold star for advertising a free seminar on OS X Client Management on InfoWorld's email newsletter.

It's possible this ad buy was simply the product of thinking "Oh, InfoWorld = enterprise, let's advertise there", but InfoWorld has also become the online champion of the SAVE XP!!! campaign, also known as "OMFG, who could have possibly foreseen that Microsoft would kick its clients in the nuts like this?!" or Vista Affectedness Disorder (VAD) for short. This leads to the serendipitous confluence in today's email blast of an ad for how to smooth deployment of Macs in your enterprise followed by the top story which is Last Call for Windows XP is mid-June.

Michael Gartenberg rightly notes that the important thing coming out of Monday isn't going to be hardware, it's going to be the iPhone as a platform for development. The horny one may have prematurely poo-pooed (and we all know how unfortunate prematurely poo-pooing can be) the impact of the iPhone on greasing Apple's skids into the business market a few weeks ago. He's since heard it really is opening doors that were previously shut.

So, the Macalope would not at all be surprised to see more details of Apple's enterprise strategy revealed on Monday and it's why he's bullish on the "Snow Leopard" rumors. After all, there's gold in them thar cubes.