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A slob's dream: The ironing clothes dryer

Electrolux appliance adds "dewrinkling" phase to drying cycle.


This sounds too good to be true, but we're putting our faith in it anyway because we love the idea so much.

Electrolux, which has already invented the washing machine from the future (ultraviolet light), has outdone itself with the ultimate in next-generation dryers: one that helps with the ironing. The "Iron Aid" steam dryer doesn't exactly iron the clothes, according to Appliancist, but it does have "dewrinkling" feature that adds a steam phase at the end of the regular drying cycle. The 20-minute shvitz is enough to treat five shirts.

The U.K.-made device is definitely on the pricey side for a dryer, weighing in around $1,145. But if you detest ironing as much as we do, it may well be worth the money.