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A sink suited to hand-washing

This sink uses carefully placed jets of water to thoroughly clean hand-washable clothes. Avoid machine wear and tear, but don't sacrifice cleanliness.

This sink shows your laundry some love. MTI Whirlpools

I certainly don't go out of my way to buy hand-washable clothing, but there are those items you don't want to just toss into the machine. For those special garments, the laundry room sink doesn't always get the job done properly: either you soak the item and don't get it thoroughly clean, or you scrub it by hand and risk damaging it.

The Jentle Jet sink from MTI Whirlpools provides a new solution: three micro-jets that let you properly clean delicate hand-washables. Only jetted water touches the garments, and you can regulate the speed from a soft swirl to a vigorous wash. A removable filter traps lint and loose threads.

The sink comes in a contemporary design that can be undermounted or flush-mounted, and it's available in an array of high-gloss colors to match any laundry room decor. It's big enough to handle a bulky sweater, but at 25 inches wide by 22 inches long 11.5 inches deep, it's small enough to fit into a typical laundry room. You can find it online for less than $600.