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A simple speaker from simpler times

Exeluxe's handmade line offers relief from design madness.


After seeing so many crazy speakers on the market (with equally crazy prices), we often find ourselves pining for simpler products from simpler days. So it was almost a relief to come across the "Retro Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speakers" from Exeluxe.

As indicated by their name, these loudspeakers are a throwback in the best sense of the word, handmade in the color of your choice while housing 5.25-inch drivers and a 1-inch dome tweeter. Each unit is about a foot square and 7 inches deep, according to GeekAlerts, with vinyl covers that would fit perfectly in the ever-popular mid-century schemes of so many household interiors today.

It's also ideal for breaking out your old 45s to satisfy the occasional pang of nostalgia. But whatever you do, please don't ruin the theme with a monstrosity like Clearaudio "Statement" turntable.