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A shrink might find this clock useful

Finally, we've figured out the secret uses for binary clocks.


There's still no good purpose for indecipherable watches as far as we're concerned, but we may have actually figured out why people would want a mystery wall clock.

This binary LED table clock could come in handy, for example, in awkward social situations when you're pressed for time but don't want a guest to know you're counting down the seconds till you have to kick them out of the house. Or maybe a therapist could strategically place on a shelf and pretend it's conversation piece.

Better yet, they could be used in casinos, which never have clocks because they want people to spend every waking hour losing their last cent on the machines. (This one would be perfect to double as a Keno display.) As for us, we'd rather not know how long we've been at the craps tables. Too depressing.