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A shower for the millionaire geek

Crave US: Over here Crave is drooling over this shower from Signorini Design: coloured lights, a sleek metallic head -- what's not to like?

Crave US: At Crave, we're all about living the high life, or at least pretending we can -- it sure beats nerding out on Hello Kitty and video games all the time.

You know, the high life: flying cars, Ferrari phones, and speaker-equipped cocoon beds. Basically, if it's gorgeously yet somewhat-obnoxiously designed, we're all over it (vicariously).

Consequently, we're totally drooling over this shower from Signorini Design (yup, it's Italian,) courtesy of Geeksugar. Not only does it pour water forth from a sleek metallic block rather than a typical shower head, but a set of colored lights can illuminate the water in your shade of choice.

Which means -- yes! -- it's color-changey. That basically seals the deal for us. Pass the soap. - Caroline McCarthy