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A short shot entirely on Nokia N8?

Wanna see an action movie shot on a mobile phone?

(Screenshot by CBSi)

Though Nokia's Symbian^3 OS is facing an icy reception, it's hard to fault the N8's superb 12-megapixel camera. Case in point: this Nokia-produced short film shot entirely on the N8.

Starring a bevy of well-known faces, including Dev Patel of Slumdog Millionaire fame, Pamela Anderson and Gossip Girl's Ed Westwick, The Commuter is a seven-minute rollercoaster ride filled to the brim with kung-fu, car chases and a clattering cacophony of Uzi bullets.

There's definitely been a bunch of post-production audio added and the crew is obviously using some nifty cranes and stedicams, but the images look mostly untouched. The results are very impressive, especially in the fast-moving sports car sequence.