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A shopping cart for your TV

Inexplicable caster wheels ruin an otherwise fine cabinet design.

Two Eyes TV

It's nice to see that some things never change. In the old days, when many households had only one television set (horrors), it wasn't uncommon to keep it on a cart to be wheeled from room to room as needed. That need apparently still exists today, as evidenced by this cabinet from Amsterdam-based Two Eyes TV.

The updated version is much sleeker, of course, needing to accommodate a set that's only a few inches thick as opposed to the 30-inch-deep models of yesteryear. And the LCD or plasma screen lifts from the portable cabinet automatically when turned on, and it can even be ordered with a built-in DVD player.

Yet for all its clean-lined styling, we can't help but think they could have found a better way to incorporate the wheels. Those casters look more suitable for a shopping cart instead of a piece of modern European furniture.