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A safe for your flash drive

Five-digit code required to work the 'Flash Padlock.'

Corsair is apparently the kind of company we can relate to: a paranoid one. Although it's made a name for itself in high-speed technologies, some of its recent products seem more focused on security and survival than anything else. (Witness the seemingly indestructible "Flash Survivor" USB key.)


The company continues that theme in its latest offering, the "Flash Padlock," which expands the secure USB concept with a numeric keypad that can be programmed to your own five-digit code. It locks automatically when disconnected, according to OhGizmo, an it won't even be acknowledged by the computer's operating system without the correct sequence of digits.

At $30 for a 1GB drive and $40 for 2GB, it's a cheaper alternative than many of the fingerprint-locked models we've seen. The only problem is we'd have to remember the PIN because there's no more room to write down any more passwords on our palms.