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A robot vacuum for rednecks and Will Ferrell junkies

NASCAR-shaped Roomba-ish device.


Here at Crave, we tend to be skeptical about creative vacuuming solutions. There was that "Buster" prototype, which looked like more of a way for kids to terrorize pets than for a house to get cleaned. And then there are the "chic" vacuums that look like lawn gnomes. And now here's the latest, thanks to BornRich: a remote-controlled vacuum shaped like a NASCAR race car. It even comes with audio features to make it sound like it's straight out of Talladega Nights. I admit, I may be too much of a yuppie to understand the appeal of having lots of NASCAR-branded merchandise (then again, I don't really get NFL laptop skins either) but I think it's a little much. On the other hand, it might be just what the ESPN-addict crowd needs to actually get some housekeeping done.

And at $280, it doesn't stray too far from the Roomba price range. Let's hope it actually gets things clean...