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A remote that fights kids' online addiction

If you want them to go cold turkey


So you've gotten a "Weemote" to limit your kids' TV hours, but what happens when they get bored of Nick Jr. reruns and want to go online? Even if they've exceeded their allotted time, you know they'll try to find a way to sneak in a few games, especially if they're boys.

Those are situations that could call for the "Best Net Guard," a parental control device that comes in the form of a remote similar to one used to lock and unlock the car. If you're doing dishes in the kitchen and hear something that sounds suspicously like a computer game in another room, you can punch the "Off" button to shut down the PC wirelessly up to 75 feet away, according to Coolest-Gadgets. Combine this with the "Covert Clicker" for the telly, and you'll be in full control of your household in perpetuity.

We at Crave don't advocate such remote parenting on a regular basis, of course, but something like this could be useful in heading off early addictive behavior. Or you can just take the kids to the park and leave the dishes for later.