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A real shot glass

The 12 Gauge Shot Glass turns any drink into a real shot.

The 12 Gauge Shot Glass Find Me A Gift

Shot glasses come in every color and are available with just about any logo. The 12 Gauge Shot Glass still manages to stand out, however, with an appearance that isn't so different from a shot gun shell. This shot glass is red plastic, with a metal base, offering an advantage over other glasses; this shot glass is less likely to get broken when a friend slams one back. The side is stamped with the words, "12 Gauge Shot Glass," in white, and the glass appears similar to an empty shell--at least until you fill it up. The 12 Gauge Shot Glass measures approximately 3 inches by 1.5 inches by 1.5 inches, putting it on par with your average shot glass.

The 12 Gauge Shot Glass seems ideal for themed parties or events, or even as a gift to accompany a bottle of a friend's favorite liquor. Just the lines that you'll be able to use when pouring a round can make this particular shot glass a good choice. It brings new meaning to taking a round of shots, at the very least. A set of four of the shot glasses is available for about $19.