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A Razr 2?

Motorola may bring out a Razr retread.

The Moto V9m (right) with two Krzrs.

We all know Motorola is launching a "media monster" cell phone tomorrow, but we don't know exactly what the handset will look like. Will it be something completely new or will it be a repeat of a current Moto design? Certainly, we're hoping for a break from the now old-hat Razr line, but it wouldn't surprise us if the company continued in the same direction.

In the midst of our musings posted pictures today of the new Motorola Razr V9m. Referred to as both the Razr 2 and Moto Lazr (enough with the vowel dropping) the new phone definitely looks like the Razr, but with some minor adjustments. It's rumored to offer dual touch screens, a Brew UI, and support for Adobe Flash. The carrier should be Verizon Wireless. We'll have more news as we get it, which could be as early as tomorrow. Ya think?