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A range hood that's not a hood

Jenn-Air's latest range hood isn't a hood at all. It's a flat glass panel that hangs on the wall like a picture frame.

Pretty as a picture. Jenn-Air

A vent hood has the potential to take over your kitchen with its light-blocking large design. Some vent hoods try to ingratiate themselves with LCD screens and other goodies, but Jenn-Air's latest offering takes a different tack. The new perimetric ventilation systems remove smoke, steam, and cooking odors by pulling air through thin channels located on the perimeter of a glass-finished panel that hangs on the wall like a picture frame.

The high-gloss angled glass panel comes in several finish options to match different kitchen styles. Choose from black with stainless steel trim, white with white trim, or trim kits in oiled bronze or black aluminum.

On the performance side, Jenn-Air promises concentrated suction, multiple speed settings, and reduced noise. A ductless installation option is also a nice advantage for when ductwork is undesirable or not possible.