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A quick endorsement: PopUrls, the home page for lazy geeks

Even if you have a customized home page set up, you might find this aggregator useful.

Despite my fondness for customizable start pages (Netvibes, iGoogle, My Yahoo, etc.), I have found myself continuing to use PopUrls, a pre-built aggregation page that's almost as useful as a customizable page.

Unlike other start pages, PopUrls is not general-purpose like iGoogle or My Yahoo. It is an aggregation site for dweebs, with a focus, by default, on tech-friendly user aggregation sites Digg, Delicious, and Reddit. It does, to be fair, grab headlines from The New York Times and Google News, but also does so from Slashdot and Wired. A top content section aggregates the popularity of PopUrls items across sites, giving you a very good idea of what's popular across all the tech aggregation sites at any given moment.

Not necessarily the news, but what the nerds at the major sharing sites are interested in.

PopUrls does offer customization features and alternative views, if you do want to adjust it. I have not. And recently, PopUrls got a new sharing feature. If you create an account with the service, you can get your own page, which shares items you like with others. You also get a widget to embed on your site. And you can set the system to send your shared items out to feeds like Twitter.

Given its built-in functionality and focus on tech, I find PopUrls a useful counterpart to TechMeme, which is far more responsive to news items and which does a better job of grouping stories together (PopUrls doesn't group similar stories at all). PopUrls tends to point to more frivolous stories, but it does show you what's striking the fancy of the geek set over a somewhat longer period of time.