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A projector that fits in your pocket; remember not to sit on it

Running video files from a USB thumb drive has never been as easy or as possible. Apparently this the first projector to allow it.

Either that is a huge hand or, (more likely) the projector is tiny. BenQ

I'm not certain if this has truly never been accomplished before, but BenQ is claiming that its new GP1 is the world's first LED pocket projector with an integrated USB reader. According to BenQ, users will be able to run movies, slides, or whatever they want, simply by plugging a USB thumb drive in, with no need for a separate PC.

In addition, GP1 users will be able to connect digital cameras, PDAs, iPods, iPhones, smartphones, gaming consoles, and laptops for viewing projected from 10 inches up to an 80-inch diagonal size, and it will project sound through its integrated speaker.

If you're concerned about color accuracy (and really, who isn't?), BenQ seems to think it has you taken care of with a 120 percent NTSC color gamut. According to BenQ, this is 40 percent higher than non-LED projectors.

Connection options include D-Sub (VGA), Composite, and USB inputs, and PC audio output as well as a detachable iPod docking station.

The GP1 will be available in March 2009 with an MSRP of $599. Check out a couple more closeup shots.