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A projector (and price) fit for a museum

Beauty never comes cheap.

Shiny Shiny

Usually, conventional wisdom would hold that image quality is more important than the appearance of the projector itself. But in the case of DreamVision's latest line, it's hard to look beyond the hardware alone.

Sure, it projects in full 1080 HD resolution and uses something called "Direct-Drive Image Light Amplifier" technology that supposedly does away with flickering, according to Shiny Shiny, as well as an external processor for "advanced video source management." But the real eye-catcher is the "DreamBee Pro" projector itself, which looks like a mid-century piece right out of a modern art museum, complete with colors reminiscent of '50s muscle cars.

And at its prices--about $14,200 for the standard DreamBee and more than $19,000 for the pro model--they may well be better suited for a gallery than a home theater. Also, if they're going to charge that much, couldn't they have come up with a name that doesn't sound like something from Hasbro?