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A price cut for Game Boy Advance in the offing?


Savvy shoppers may be able to save about $30 on the Nintendo Game Boy Advance this Thanksgiving season.

Retail giant Wal-Mart Stores will likely start selling the handheld game player this Thanksgiving shopping season for $48.88, according to Web site Black Friday 2005, which posts information about retail deals. Currently, the Game Boy Advance sells for $79 and change at a variety of retailers and web sites.

The handheld game player is part of an anticipated Black Friday electronics cavalcade by Wal-Mart. Other expected bargains include a $398 laptop from Hewlett-Packard, an $88 Razr phone a Hitachi video camera that records directly onto DVDs for $300 and a 15-inch LCD TV for $194.

For the last two years, Wal-Mart has come out with somewhat pedestrian offers for the holiday season, said Steve Baker, an analyst at NPD Techworld. As a result, the retailer did not experience a huge bump in electronics sales at the holidays.

The Black Friday 2005 site receives advance copies of advertisements expected to be included in newspapers on the Thanksgiving weekend and republishes the information contained in the ads. The site does not reveal its sources and warns that the deals can change or be cancelled before they come out. Nonetheless, the site noted that it has a good probability of success.

Black Friday is the name for the day after Thanksigiving and is the biggest retail day of the year. Some stores open at 5 a.m. to cater to their more neurotic bargain hunters.

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