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A Pottery Barn for your kitchen

From the wizards at MIT Media Lab, the DishMaker creates plates, cups, and bowls right in your home.

Leonardo Bonanni / MIT Media Lab

The MIT Media Lab is ground zero for all things awesome, and Leonardo Bonanni's DishMaker is no exception.

Bonanni's dishwasher-sized machine uses recyclable discs of acrylic to create plates, bowls, and cups right in your home. Once you're done with the plates, you put them back into the DishMaker, where they're recycled and remolded into the dishware of your choice.

The DishMaker does not clean your dishes just yet, but Bonanni's working on it for a next-gen prototype.

According to his Web site, the DishMaker is the same size and consumes the same amount of energy as a normal dishwasher. DishMaker owners also would free up a ton of cabinet space, as you won't need to store dishes. The fact that the eco-friendly DishMaker recycles the acrylic discs up to 100 times makes for less waste.

You'll still need to buy some sporks, though.