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A portable 'Guitar Hero' turntable controller

Artist Aaron Skillman created the turntable controller in his garage in order to promote a hip-hop sensibility.

Artist Aaron Skillman created a portable turntable 'Guitar Hero' controller in his garage. Aaron Skillman

Over at Hustler of Culture today, I read about artist Aaron Skillman's latest creation, a portable Guitar Hero turntable controller.

This is a pretty cool gizmo that allows users to play the game using the turntable to scroll up or down. To my untrained eye, watching Skillman demo the device on his YouTube video, it seems that the turntable controller gives the same control over the game with a smaller and perhaps easier to use form factor.

Skillman's 'Guitar Hero' turntable controller allows users to play the game much as they would with the original controller, but with a more hip-hop sensibility. Aaron Skillman

More to the point, Skillman, a self-described "maker," told me in a telephone conversation Monday that the turntable controller was about promoting hip-hop.

"As a turntablist myself," he said, "I just wanted to represent hip-hop and put it out there and spread good vibes.

Skillman said he created the turntable controller in his garage over a weekend.

"I just was really interested in having a turntable for a controller," he said. "Instead of waiting for one, I decided to make it myself."