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A pointless digital business card

The $40 price seems like a deal-breaker for mass promotional giveaways.


A digital business card is one of those products that would have seemed like science fiction in the mid-'90s but now feels outdated only two years after we first heard of it. Part of the reason is that the rCard's 1GB of storage, which was enormous back then, is now common enough to be found on promotional giveaways like USB keys.

Its size is still a relative novelty at 3.6 inches by 2 inches and 0.17 inches thick, as Everything USB notes, but its 2-inch display seems small by comparison and its battery lasts only two hours at a time. It would be one thing these were cheap enough to hand out like its paper predecessors, but at $40 retail it doesn't seem like an ideal candidate for mass production now that it's finally hitting the market.