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A plea to Swarovski

Crystals are showing up still more products--this time a Bluetooth-enabled headset by Plantronics.

Swarovski, please stop taking over the gadget world.

This time, the crystal maker is pairing with Plantronics to introduce a limited-edition Bluetooth headset--unlike Philips, which decided to opt out of the Bluetooth trend when it came to Swarovski-adorned gadgets.

Swarovski Bluetooth headset

The white jeweled headset will retail for $59.95 in October, while the unjeweled version (which also comes in black, gray and pink) will be $49.95. This headset, the newest edition to the MIX line, will be called MIX Explorer 330. The white headset clearly appeals to the fashion-conscious more than its black counterpart, but it isn't something I'm going to be running out of my house for come October (not everyone, even hard-core fashion lovers, wants to dish out a pretty hefty sum of money for a couple of sparkly gems pasted onto a mediocre-quality gadget).

Last October, Plantronics released a line of earbuds and headsets called the MIX M60 Bling, which had been available solely at Target stores nationwide. But the company says it plans to make its headsets available at more retailers soon.