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A plasma that Lucy would have watched

Designer blends '50s retro look with modern technology.

Wilkerson Furniture

Those who are still salivating at the thought of having a state-of-the-art 103-inch HDTV taking up a wall in their apartment probably wouldn't have much use for a retro-designed set from the '50s, but we're sure that others would die to have something like this.

It's hard enough to find furniture that can blend a flat-panel TV into the decor, and it can be infinitely more difficult when there's a specific theme or period that needs to be matched. The revival of "mid-century" design is no exception, and the boom in that genre would most certainly create some demand for something like designer Joe Wilkerson's "M21 Flat Panel."

It's a 42-inch plasma with a cabinet that, from the front, looks as if it could have come right out of the apartment where Lucy and Ricky lived. But the set has a depth that's only a fraction of what it would have been 50 years ago, not to mention a screen that's several times larger.

Unfortunately the retro TV isn't being produced yet, according to Coolest-Gadgets, as its designer is still "testing the waters" before jumping in. If you can't wait that long, there's always the Jetsons model.