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A phone that looks like anything but

Concept design combines disc with aluminum and glass

Yanko Design

Crave generally tries to stay away from concept products and designs, as we have enough trouble as it is staying grounded in reality without them. But every once in awhile an idea comes along that we just can't pass up--and the "Radia Cell Phone" is one of them.

This handset, if it can be called that, has an outer rim of brushed aluminum encircling a large touch display but is still small enough to fit in your pocket, according to Yanko Design. Granted, it may not be the most practical design (we can't imagine using it comfortably for a prolonged conversation). But if it's a fashion statement you're after--and isn't that the dictating factor in many of our phone purchases?--then this one is tough to beat.

Strangely enough, the last concept phone we recall citing was one that looked somewhat similar, the "YoYo" from ModeLabs; it seems we have a weakness for disc-shaped gadgets. Maybe it has something to do with that recent alien abduction.