A phone for the Trekkie set

You may not be able to use it to dial up Captain Kirk, but the Star Trek Communicator Phone still takes you closer to the Enterprise than the average handset.

Designed to resemble the Starfleet communicators used on the popular '60s TV series, the special-edition phone from Nickelodeon & Viacom Consumer Products will come equipped with a custom "Star Trek" faceplate and other themed features unique to the "Star Trek" franchise. The phone will, for example, offer Trekkies the ability to play a multiplayer, online "Star Trek" game, stream real-time Trek video and surf the Net, as well as access "Star Trek" ring tones, wallpapers, news and information on fan activities.

The Trekkie phone is powered by Sona Mobile's Sona Wireless Platform, which offers multi-threading capability for running several applications concurrently. Look for the gizmo in a galaxy near you starting Sept. 30. Pictures and prices haven't been released yet, but you can sign up to get the latest Trek-phone gossip on Sona's site.

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